Mississippi State University, photography

Chauncey Mangum





Chauncey Mangum
Art 3233: Studio Lighting
Digital photography
There are twelve images total that make the series.

My idea for the project was to show how society views black men and how they feel they would like to be viewed by society. It was very interesting to see how these people actually feel on the topic. I used a two light setup one light pointing on the subject and a light pointing towards the background to separate them. They felt very strong about the subject based off their reactions and ideas they gave me. I feel they decided to show a good side of the concept I was going for, due to them putting together their own ideas for the overall theme. I only presented the topic to them, but I let them decide mostly on how to execute the idea. I wanted to have ten people, but majority of the people I had did not commit to the project or wanted to do something different which did not fit the concept. The overall idea is to show how each individual feels and capture their own emotions into the camera.

8 thoughts on “Chauncey Mangum”

  1. I love this series, especially the symbolism of the flag as noose. Powerful images and fantastic work. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Your images are very powerful and definitely make a statement (especially the flag as a noose). The backdrop and the lighting are well done. Your creativity with the photo shoot resulted in great images with a lot of depth and complexity. Great job!

  3. First, I think these are nicely executed photos, the lighting and color scheme is very strong. I also am really interested in the subject that you picked and I think it’s an important topic to be discussed right now with Black Lives Matter and with the recent election people are feeling more on edge today (and for good reason). To make this work stronger, I think you should work on writing a statement that says more about the concept than about your process. You can draw your audience in by making them care about the subject matter through what you choose to say about it. Maybe explain how you feel or possibly include notes from the people you photograph. The American flag noose symbolism really doesn’t need any words because it is already saying a lot on its own. Great start to this work!

  4. The images, content and staging you chose are great, along with the lighting and focus – well done. To push this project further I might consider a more interesting/subjective background, staging the shots outside of the context of a photography studio. I think it was smart to have the subjects wearing some of the same clothes in both of their images. I wonder if it might be more effective to have another strong symbol unifying the person in the very different images.

  5. These images appear to be a diptych of diptychs. The comparison between the blue background vs the red background. Then there’s the comparison between the characters in front of the same backgrounds. It’s really interesting, and a very powerful statement on the societal issues being dealt with today.

  6. I’m really intrigued by these photos. They all seem to follow the general theme, but express it in very different ways. The photos didn’t seem to fit exactly together until I read the description and saw that it was the individuals who chose how they wanted to be depicted. Having the subject choose the concept and specifics of the shoot can be risky if you’re going for a series with a lot of continuity, but this manages to make it work really well.

  7. The last shot in the set you’ve got here is fantastic. The subjects leg on the bottom right balances out nicely with the group of thrown photographs on the upper left. The blue backdrop is helping make this shot easy on the eye, and the photographs keep my eye constantly moving around the image. Cool!

  8. You work is amazing. Thematically, you did such a great job capturing what you were trying to. The use of the studio and lighting to further represent your concept is so well executed. Awesome work – especially the first and last! They are deep and truly tell a story, while simple being compositionally very pleasing.

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