8 thoughts on “Erika Herrera”

  1. These images are so beautiful. They have a soft and personal feeling to them in addition to unease. Duality is well conveyed in these images and I think of the “shadow beast” within us all.

  2. Erika, I love your series! You have captured the theme of duality really well. The ghosting and the long exposure is very well done and adds complexity and depth to the images.

  3. I feel like I can really tell what you’re trying to get across with these images. Confinement, coexistence, transition together, and perhaps reconciliation?

  4. This series is haunting in the best sense. Each photograph stands alone, yet it seems like they’re telling a hidden story when examined in light of each other. I love how I’m pulled in to each. Your work is very inspiring!

  5. I think these are a great way to display and portray illusion through ghost photography. These are executed in a way that we see the subject in such fine detail that we can find traces of detail but not long enough to really know what they look like. I really enjoy the sepia coloring of these photographs and am a bit confused as to why they changed through the process. I think the singular use of coloring could bring the work further together.

  6. These are really beautiful photographs. The second photograph reminds me of a much creepier version of Beauty and the Beast. I love the ghosting effect on all of these and how each one is very different. You clearly played a lot with timing and lighting which I believe has paid off. The first two images and the last two images look a bit like they belong in separate series, but they are all tied together by the ghosting effect. Very nice work!

  7. Your series are extremely effective and gorgeous to look at. The one that grabbed my eye the most was the one of the the single faded figure outdoors standing in line with the trees. There is such a duality about that one. It even feels as though the image was flipped upon itself just based on how the tree trunks are curving. I would love to see what this series could continue to look like with time..I feel like these photos are telling a story..perhaps consider having a theme that could help lead that story. Overall, great work.

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