9 thoughts on “Jennifer Reimer”

  1. I really like your images. The composition is well thought. You did a great job with the cyanotype — all the details are showing. The second image might be my favorite out of the two. The composition is great and the print adds an ambiguity and haziness to it that makes me want to stare at it!

  2. These photos have the vibe of vintage home photos with a strong eye for composition. monotone colors and the grain of the photos feel authentic.

  3. I really like the colour and the texture of your second landscape picture. It reminds me these old Japanese painting where trees and things are depicted more in a more 2-D manner with lines and shadows

  4. I think these photos have nice compositions. The first photo looks off center which meshes well with the way you printed out the photo. It gives off an uneasy look with the blue tones and the off-center look. The lower one also looks very eerie because of the brown and darker shadows. We always associate the dark forest with something evil in mind and your second photo does that very well. I wish my class was able to print images like these because I think it would be super fun to do a whole project with different printing techniques!

  5. I really love the first photo in this series. It is eerie and mundane at the same time. The playground or garden structure in the foreground takes on an anthropomorphic shape due to the slight over exposure which I think works well for your composition. The second photo takes on painterly feeling due to the lack of context.

  6. This is an awesome alternative process to photography. The cyanotype really turned out well. You can still see all the details on the photos but it still has a vintage quality to it. Awesome!

  7. I love the blues of the cyanotype. I think the blue and white for this picture is much stronger than a black and white, it works for the image. The texture of the tree with the color of the blue makes the image very strong. I also love your Van Dyke image. It is a very compelling image with great composition.

  8. Nice job printing these photos! I really like the second photo. The tree seems to have a really nice texture to it. The first image reminds me of growing up and playing outside, it gives off nice memories.

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