6 thoughts on “Joshua Ayala”

  1. You have done a great job with the printing — all the shades of gray are present and the contrast is just right, which adds depth to the images. You have a great eye, and the composition of the images are well thought.

  2. I think candid photography is an art form all its own. I love how you captured the humanity of these people. And they really feel like people instead of just subjects. This is often a difficult thing to capture with the camera but you did great. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is a really great collection of candids. These photos create a great story and even if all of these subjects don’t know each other, they appear to all fit together very well. The composition of these shots is nicely done. I especially like the 4th photo. The subject almost appears to be in motion and the lighting gives the photo a very real feel.

  4. I really like these photos. I think they seem a bit out of focus but it is so slight that it almost encapsulates me more because I have to really think it they are or aren’t in focus. It also might just be due to the unfamiliarity with the type of print. I feel like the depth of field is really well portrayed through these photos as well and really gives them a good sense of focus throughout the series.

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