Mississippi State University, photography

Latrice Scott





Latrice Scott
ART:3233 Studio Lighting
Medium: Digital Prints
1) 13.333 X 20.053
2) 15.467 X 11.52
3) 13.333 X 20.053
4) 11.5 X 8

These images are self portrait images of me. For the assignment we had to take photographs that represented four questions that was asked about ourselves. The four questions were:

Who am I?
How others see me.
How I want others to see me.
A surrogate/replacement or stand-in.

The original photographs are in color. I decided to turn into black and white because I love how the contrast of the photographs look as well.

For my first image I decided to state the physical by saying I am a African American woman. I played on the idea by using the hair scarf as a representation on the African culture. I put a twist on it by adding the jewelry and makeup to represent the American culture and style. For the second photo, others see me as this shy quiet type. So I decided to push it further by hiding part of myself in the dark and only having one side of me being seen. I wanted to show that most people don’t really see me and that I am hidden in the dark or shadows to them. Then, there are some that do notice me, but only some of me. For the third photo, I decided that I wanted people to see me as this very strong, independent, sophisticated, confident,and feminine woman. I did a head shot with a very strong pose to capture everything that I wanted to stand for. Lastly, for my replacement I choose a crab to represent me. I am one to believe in my zodiac sign Cancer and our symbol is a crab. Zodiac cancers are quiet, shy, sensitive, loyal, trustworthy, and lovable. The characteristics of a cancer describes me to a T and that is the reason why I chose to photograph a crab.

8 thoughts on “Latrice Scott”

  1. You have done a great job with the lighting of the images. The black and white works really well with the theme/questions. They are very strong and powerful images with great composition. I think your images are self explanatory and portray everything you have wanted to offer the audience, so I the explanation becomes unnecessary and takes away from the image.

  2. I think you have some very strong self-portraits, and I find it interesting that in each one you choose a dominant side to occupy the frame. I think I would like to see the first image more centered since you have visuals that suggest the photo should be symmetrical. The images also have good composition, the crab really stands out to me as being the best composed. While I do think the colors are a little over saturated, it works in line with your statement.

  3. These are wonderful self portraits. I really appreciate the first and third photos. Both of these photos really seem to capture something special about who you are. You look straight to camera and stare down the lens which creates a very strong image. I’m not sure how I feel about the final photo being in color and the rest being in black and white. I’d say stick with one or the other for a photo set.

  4. I think these self portraits really help bring the details of your personality out. Each one uses a great profile of you through the use of lighting and framing. I think I would have liked to see a bit of variance in how much you portray in your photos, such as using a wider shot or a depth of field on some aspect you wanted to portray. I like your stand-in but am thrown when color is introduced compared to your other photographs.

  5. THESE ARE GORGEOUS! The lighting in all of these photos are so dramatic and intense. It creates beautiful contrast and movement through the photo. The first and third photos have full tonal range. I also love the composition in these photos as well (the hands in the first photo are genius). Overall, these stunning photos are show stoppers!

  6. I absolutely love these self-portraits. Looking at these, even though I have never met the subject, I can sense a relationship. It seems as if I am able to see a side of you that others might not. The mood of the images is apparent and it’s very beautiful. I think it was a good design choice to make your self-portraits black and white because it adds something to the images that color takes away. I almost wish the last image was in black and white! But, I do really enjoy the color in the last image. These are incredibly well-shot photos. Nice job!

  7. I think your choice of doing such dramatic lighting in your self portraits was good decision because they are all cohesive and still portray the idea of identity. I think for the stand in picture of the crab could have been more cohesive if it were in black and white like the rest.

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