photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Olivia Cook




Olivia Cook
ART 576 Alternative Processes
Digital Prints

In my series titled, Portals, I use small mirrors to reflect a new image onto the existing field of vision. I am interested in engaging the viewer in a way that conveys disruption of space and removal of the original field of vision. The title Portals refers to the shape of the mirrors in that they create a gateway to another location echoing that of the shape of the camera lens.

8 thoughts on “Olivia Cook”

  1. I think this is a really interesting idea and a really sustainable concept that you could expand on. Nice work and I look forward to seeing more of this!

  2. I really enjoy your images; very thoughtful method to portrait your theme. The disconnection between the subject and the location is very prevalent. One of my favorites it the third image; the ambiguity of the background location adds to the composition of the subject.

  3. I enjoy the concept and find it technically sound by making the reflection not appear to be coming from a mirror but instead an actual portal. This could be a strong narrative if executed properly, or even a series of portraits. I look forward to see the expansion of this idea.

  4. Fantastic job on your work! I have also experimented with circular mirrors before, but not in this way… I am intrigued by your methods. Keep it up!!

  5. This is a really great use of this technique. I love your thought of portals within the images. Your methods are really interesting and the concept of the images could definitely continue to expand. I really enjoy how the background is not able to be clearly discerned which makes the portals very much the focus of the images.

  6. Very cool concept! I love how seamless the transition between the background and the mirrors are. I also really enjoy what you’ve chosen to include in the frame of the mirrors. The subjects you chose are eye catching (literally), and draw me straight into the frame. Nice work!

  7. These shots are really unique and I’m mostly interested in how you captured your reflection in the circles. It looks as if little hand mirrors were used, which is a very cool idea. The small area that the mirror/reflection takes up in the image really draws the eye in, and the low depth of field forces the eye to focus on the reflection.

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