8 thoughts on “Sidney Anderson”

  1. I love the play on perspective that these cause. I would definitely look into how shadows can make these compositions stronger! Also, something to ask yourself is if the clear sky works better than a cloudy/grey sky.

  2. I really enjoy the simplicity in these two images. They present architecture in everyday scenes, but are framed and shot in more compelling perspectives. One of my favorite things about photography is the ability to capture fairly stark scenes in more attractive depictions. I especially enjoy the second image as it capture beautiful light and contrasting colors in an interesting composition.

  3. I think the first image is my favorite because of the composition. The contrast between the building and the sky looks great. I also like how you have divided the image and give audience breathing room at the top.

  4. I really like the first picture for it’s pure blue color and the contrast! The color is so great that it’s kind of hard to believe it is real! And I also like the way you frame the architecture that it is so unique.

  5. I’m always a fan of architectural work. I think I’d prefer a few more images to have a more complete series but from what is here, I really enjoy the use of lines in the artist’s work. The sharp lines and the deep contrast between the subject and foreground is very pleasing to the eye without being overly harsh. The use of repetition in the structures also help the audience become more calm in comparison to the deep colors that are presented.

  6. I love these! I really like the contrast between the building and the sky in the first photo, but the second photo has an amazing depth to it with the clouds behind the building. Both of these photos do a great job of really playing up the geometric lines already built into the structure and the depth of the visual. I love the simplicity and just generally very visually pleasing nature of these photos.

  7. The exposure, contrast and sharpness of these photos are incredible. The use of architecture to capture a minimal, cool toned color scheme works well with the amount of textures seen between the building and sky. Given the sunny day the top photo was shot on, the lack of sharp shadows in the majority of the composition helps the building’s geometric structure play in well with the flatness of the sky.

  8. Building corners and the sky are always beautiful to look at. catching a great angle and contrasting it with the blue of the sky looks appealing to the eye. Also, I like how the first image is more flat.

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