5 thoughts on “Carla Zorrilla”

  1. These are lovely shots of nature. I think the depth of field is what makes these shots seem so professional. They colors are very relaxing as well.

  2. I love having detail shots. I think they provide such a close-up view of things that people would otherwise miss in other views. These are done exceptionally well. I enjoy having the depth and texture that the author provides and so that we can be up close and personal within the space compared to when we look at a stump or a flower from a distance. The use of color and their vibrancy is beautiful. You don’t expect to have colors like blue in a brown and green stump. I think that’s why the depth of field is so well done in these, because it allows the audience to focus on the contrasting colors and not only the texture of the plants.

  3. The colors in these shots are gorgeous! I love having the short depth of field and really getting to focus on the texture and details of the closer objects. The first photo in particular really shows how short the depth of field is as you can see that the foreground is blurred as well as the background.

  4. I really enjoy the low depth-of-field for these shots as it provides the eye with a focal point. For the second image, I would have focused more-so on the top of the tree stump rather than slightly off to the left. It does pull the eye down a bit, but I think the depth-of-field also does a good job of that. The first shot has great lines from the plant pulling in every which way around the image. I also like how the first shot captures the ice, seemingly as if it is falling from the plant.

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