8 thoughts on “Chih-Hsuan Hung”

  1. I really like the darker tones and contrast in these images. The darks are very rich and the lights are not blown out which is very nice. The last image could maybe use a burn on the rocks but I still like it!

  2. these images have a very high contrast and seem a little under exposed but I do like the values a lot. Subduing the subject blends her in to each environment and that begins a narrative on who that subject is and how she feels.

  3. I am enjoying the orientation in the last photograph you have here. The subject aligned with the rocks becomes cyclical, and keep my eye constantly rotating around the image, nice!

  4. I think these photos all feel very cohesive even though they are in vastly different settings. All of the photos look like they belong in a series. The last image is fantastic, I really like the staging.

  5. The first one is great. Even without the person in the back, the closed umbrellas look like people. And I also like the composition of the last photo. The person takes up all the remaining space looks satisfying to me.

  6. I love the playful and whimsical compositions. My two favorite photos are the last two. The contrast in the blacks and whites is beautiful.

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