photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Collin Miller




Collin Miller
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Silver gelatin prints; 8″x10″

Throughout the semester I’ve been experimenting with chemigrams. By putting different materials over pre-exposed photopaper and putting it back and forth in developer and fixer, I can create abstract and whimsical designs. These prints utilize butter, chocolate pudding, and canola spray respectively.

10 thoughts on “Collin Miller”

  1. The technical concept of the project is amazing. The way these are created is fascinating, and pull the viewer to dig deeper into the image.

  2. These photos are so intriguing, I just want to keep staring at them. The technical aspect is really cool, and I think if you continue this series, with other food products, you could come up with almost a whole show around this.

  3. These photographs are amazing I hope you keeping more of these. I would have never thought these are pre exposed photo paper.

  4. I saw these in a gallery and I really enjoyed them when they where hung in a grid. The method behind these work is what makes them super interesting. Great job!

  5. The textures in these images are intriguing. I am left questioning what exactly these textures are or how they were formed, which is a great thing! Makes for a very interesting series, good work!

  6. These are the most unique chemigrams I have seen! I love your use of texture and could almost see these as abstract wallpaper. Great Job!

  7. These are all very nice. I really like the texture of the photos, especially the third photo. The first image reminds me a bit of cultures morning in a petri dish. This is a really intriguing series, I would love to see more!

  8. The texture in these images are really awesome. I would have never guessed that you used butter, chocolate pudding, and canola spray to create this series. The texture in the second image is very unique and I’m happy it is black and white to make the shapes more clear with the contrast. When I look at it I can almost see different objects within. The colors of the third photo really catch my eye and have great contrast. I feel like these images could be used as desktop images or even large posters. They really are whimsical designs!

  9. I think I am really amazed by those pictures. and even more amazed after I read your descriptions that you used chocolate puddings and different materials to create those effects. That really draws me think how deceptive our eye could be and how amazing to think of art and creation in general. just so many things we can create and transfer to another form via our imagination and hands. Big love for these images. Hope you can create more for this series. They are really strong!

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