8 thoughts on “Jessi Havens”

  1. You did a great job at capturing these womxn in different ways- the first image is especially striking because of the obstruction of our view with the flowers- it creates a sense of privacy and solitude. The other images all have very different expressions and add to the diversity your are trying to capture. Beautiful pictures!

  2. As you know, I love these images and I love your theme and what it has developed into. Each women tells a different story and they each have their own identity

  3. You did such a wonderful job on this series. I love how far you’ve come from your original concept. I think this series was just as beneficial for you as it was for these women. You captured all of them so well!

  4. I love your portraits and how each has a different style. I think they really express the subjects well and are unique. The first two especially drew my attention because they do not mirror the usual composition of a portrait and I like that. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is some really beautiful work. The last photo really brings your subject to life through a very minimalist approach. I love the soft light you bring in on her face. Each woman has a unique personality shining through. Very well done!

  6. I absolutely love these portraits, especially your long exposure! You capture your subject very well. Would love to see more of these in the same natural light with bold colors.

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