5 thoughts on “Jing Luo”

  1. I almost thought these two pictures were one! I love the light and I love the exposure. The shadows are very nicely present, and the white’s aren’t blown out. The composition of the piping works very well too.

  2. I really enjoy the second photo. You did a great job of framing the pipes to give the photograph both depth and a solid frame. I especially appreciate the two curved pipes in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo. I think this variation from the rest of the more straight pipes gives the photo even more depth as you really focus on those two in the foreground.

  3. The repetition and movement that you capture is really beautiful. How you are able to photograph that bouncing shadow in the first image is inspiring and I would love to see more of that!

  4. These are great! You bring such dramatic presence to photographs of simple objects/ spaces. Love the use of shadows and texture.

  5. Before these pictures were in black and white, one could tell that the images had been under great lighting! The use of shadows, shapes and texture fit well together in the images. Both images show great details even as to the ripples in the wall on the top and the factory like wall in the back of the bottom photo.

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