Indiana University, South Bend, video

Justin D Wippich

Justin D Wippich
FA16: Video Art 32481

The following piece is entitled Tonight on the News, it was one of the smaller projects I made for the semester. The overall idea is taking a combination of fictional video games and finding a real world link, in this case news reports. I should mention some of the footage used is a little brutal, but I was going for that in regards to the stories we hear about in the news, please enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Justin D Wippich”

  1. This is such an interesting video and it is very well done. The audio clips went very well with clips from a video game clips. It felt like the reporters were actually there when it actually happened, instead of after the event had happened. I really enjoyed that you used the news music in the background throughout the video. It was very well done and I enjoyed watching it.

  2. I love how you were able to incorporate real news footage to make it seem very realistic and it all was very smooth throughout the whole film.

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