10 thoughts on “Karissa Voisard”

  1. I think these are beautiful images, however the cropping in the third image is a little too tight and it would be nice to see the top of the building. Otherwise, you have good exposures and a nice range in tones. The first image is stunning, the black are deep and the bright spot in the lower right corner is not overexposed.

  2. I like the third and fourth images. The third one feels like horror film scene, and the last one there’s a lot of details in the dark area (the branches, the reflections on the mirror, and the chimney).

  3. These photos almost seem like they belong in two separate series. All of the photos seem to stop time in a moment where the world is in a bit of disarray. The first two are a lot more industrial than the second two which give off more of a broken domestic vibe. All of the photos are really nice and maintain good detail. I really like the lighting in the first photo.

  4. I love all four of these photos and how they relate to one another. It seems almost like a survey of someone’s old abandoned property. You’re showing the outside, the inside, and the areas around it and while doing so you learn a lot about what the property was used for, and makes you wonder why it was abandoned in the first place.

  5. I’m usually a really avid partaker in architectural art which is why I was drawn to these photos. I really enjoy the texture that you portray in the photos, despite using a wider lens setting compared to a smaller, detailed shot. Using a detailed shot would have actually taken away from this selection I think, due to the authors since of run-down characteristics. The audience wouldn’t know what they were showing comparatively. I think the images create a great sense of tone for this series, due to the photos’ rough and contrasted textures.

  6. The first shot is the one I enjoy the most, mainly because of the dramatic lighting. It gives it an almost cinematic feel that I find very interesting. I like the graveyard of pallets, I think it’s a very interesting setting that gives the picture a lot of character. However, I do think the composition could have been tweaked to make the image even more compelling.

  7. Karissa, these photos are wonderful. I, myself, love my subjects to be dynamic but simple as well. The photos of the buildings are some of my favorites, but I would agree with Ruth; I would love to see more abandoned photography just because the architecture and composition those kind of buildings bring to the image is breathtaking and it creates for such a unique beauty. The black and white gives a mysterious and captivating feel to the subjects of the images and I love how busy the images are but they still give you a straightforward focal point. Well done.

  8. There is a peacefulness that comes with looking at these photos for me. The mood is eerie and makes me feel alone but peacefully alone. I really love the leading lines in the first two photos.

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