7 thoughts on “Katie Koller

  1. These photos are so whimsical, I love them (as you have already heard multiple times). I would love to see this in other nature aspects as well, maybe flowers or something of the sort?

  2. I love the trees! And I love how you photoshopped them to be something more. They’re almost like portraits of trees, very candid!

  3. I really enjoy the use of framing in this series. I love the use of space and morphing of the reality that was originally taken. My favorites would have to be where the images were flipped upside-down, due to the contrast and distinction that the photos give off compared to just moving the trees over like in the 2nd and fifth prints. I think the use of turning the photos’ frames upside down give a bigger impact and representation of turning the world in which they are place upside down. The vibrancy is also really captivating in these photos.

  4. The photoshop effect you have going on reminds me of the importance of framing both technically and physically. A frame can add something more to an otherwise mundane shot, which I think is really working for these photographs!

  5. These effects are very unique. I love that they make the image almost seem normal except for the reflected aspect. Great work!

  6. I love this set of images. You exposed these images perfectly for the mood they set. I personally really like the flipped images the most, only because it creates a different feeling. It’s almost more aesthetically pleasing with this technique. It creates interest and I think those are your strongest. If you are continuing this series, I think you should continue flipping the images! Overall, great job!

  7. These images really threw me off at first. For the first image, I really enjoy how when it is flipped upside down, the tree lines are matching up perfectly. For the second image, I like the contrast between the sky and the trees and how the sphere shape is seen so clear. I think you could play around more with lighting and creating curves in the third and fourth images. They almost feel bland to me. Overall, I really like the contrast between the shapes and their backgrounds and I find this technique very unique and something I might want to experiment with in the future.

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