13 thoughts on “Loran Apley”

  1. You were very successful with double exposure, I consider this to be a difficult task, but yours looks great! The lighting in the first image creates a great background for the second exposure to lay on top of- its very dynamic. These images give of an intimate, night time and kind of creepy vibe and I’m diggin’ it!

  2. The image with the multiple exposures is very successful and the ghosting in the first image is beautiful in the way it is so subtle. I want to know the relationship the first two images have with the chair.All three images have a quality of night time that is intriguing, but the last image appears too disjointed, but it is lit well and you have a great exposure there.

  3. I love your technique here! and the composition says a lot about feelings of confusion and isolation. I get a sense that mental illness could be at play here as well. whatever the meaning, it’s conveyed well

  4. Very good job with the double exposure!!! I love the vibe and mood of these images. As someone who struggles with anxiety I think you portrayed with it feels like very well.

  5. These are all beautiful photos; you did a great job with the double exposure! These all definitely portray anxiety as you were intending. The first two images in particular appear to have a hopeless and confused emotional state. The last image doesn’t necessarily appear to fit with the style of the first two as much, but the composition is very nice. The lighting creates a slightly spooky, almost horror scene feeling to the photo.

  6. I think the author did a great job of portraying a lack of solidity in these prints. The use of double exposure is tastefully done and becomes more artistic through the series. I think the first two photos have a bit of an expected feel to them, like I’ve seen them somewhere before, but that isn’t to say they aren’t well done. I like the last photograph that is represented in the series due to the subtleness of the transitions. I almost didn’t realize it was double exposed. I think that would be my favorite out of the series due to that fact, along with the use of nature rather than a person in the print brings another message compared to the earlier photos.

  7. These are beautiful and ghostly photos! I love your style and use of double exposure. The only thing that slightly bothered me was that the last photo of the chair was a little crooked– not sure if this was intentional but overall, great job!

  8. I love the contrast in these photos. The composition of the photos are very interesting and they help create the mood you intended for.

  9. I like this series of photos because they convey a sense of either emptiness or loneliness. At least to me. Especially the first photo where the person seems to be fading away as if they’re a ghost, even in their own home.

  10. I really like the emotion in these photos & the composition/double exposures are very well done! The black and white adds a lot to them and makes the viewer really focus on the subject and mood.

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