photography, University of Kentucky

Sarah Detraz




Sarah Detraz
A-S 380: Darkroom Studio
Silver Gelatin Prints; 8″ x 10″
3 Images create the series

These images are studies of light and texture. I feel intimate with plants as I’ve worked with them for years in groundskeeping for my local arboretum, but also have spent many hours researching their historical symbolism within literature and art. To spend the time fostering growth that occurs directly by my hand causes a desire to capture the seductive qualities of the plants. While these specific plants depicted do not constitute any certain meaning, they are plants that I grew over the summer at my workplace.

9 thoughts on “Sarah Detraz”

  1. These are very nice photos. In the first two I can really see the depth and texture of the subject. The first photo especially has a very clearly identified front, mid, and background and each of the leaves have both texture and depth. The overexposure at the top helps to create an effect that focuses very clearly on the plant’s depth rather than the depth of the environment around it.

  2. I very much like your technique for photographing these plants. Your viewpoint is unique and abstract in a way. The only thing that I think would improve them is if there was more of a contrast. It seems that the photos are very much white and gray with little black to be seen. Maybe try a higher filter! Keep up the great work.

  3. I absolutely love the softness in these photos. You really did a great job in portraying the seductiveness and intimacy of the plants; especially knowing that you grew them yourself. Each plant has it’s own motion and texture and I love them all in a set like this. The last photo seems a tiny bit out of focus but, it’s not that noticeable to me.

  4. I think a big aspect of these photos is the aspect of focus. Some of these have an intense focus while others have a slightly wider range. The depth of field allows the audience to be pulled to a certain section compared to the overall image all at once which I think is nice considering the tones and vividness of some of these images. Personally my own images tend to resemble aspects of the 2nd photo in the series so I’m glad the photographer was able to portray good examples of more overall focused photos.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of plant photography, so these shots in particular are right up my alley. The detail you’ve pulled from these plants are great, and gives the viewer an intimate look at the anatomy of plant life. Good stuff!

  6. The think the strongest aspects of these images are the unique textures you were able to capture between different plants and also your use of shallow depth of field to help keep the textures from being overwhelming. It’s interesting to see the differences between the plants, which the detail of these images really helps with. The plants also seem to have a cool geometric aspect to them forming stage organic shapes. I typically see myself attracted to architectural works but it’s awesome to be able to appreciate the “architecture” of these plants.

  7. My favorite aspect of these images are the soft focus you have. It really provides an old, vintage feeling. While I’m not sure if this was your intent, it does work for this set! You do a great job of framing your subjects, which is a big struggle, especially with plants and such. I really like the different textures you played with and I can see the relationship you talked about in your statement. I love that these feel like I’m “stuck in summer-time”. It feels like a freeze frame of a perfectly sunny day. Well done!

  8. I’m very drawn to the generally light tonality of these photos. I also really enjoy how you use depth of field and where you choose focus in this set, particularly in the first image. In the first photo you have a softer focus in the foreground and background and create an interestingly layered landscape between the two plants.

  9. These photos are beautiful. I love the unique way in which you decided to photograph these plants. To me there is a dream like veil over these photos especially in the second photo the way only part of the plant is in focus.

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