5 thoughts on “Victoria Wong”

  1. These photos have much more cohesiveness to them. All except the other photoshopped photo seems to revolve around protesting and unity. I love the contrast in these photos because it brings forth a harsh, important mood.

  2. I like how most of these photos are intentionally underexposed. I feel as if it shows how the author’s views of these people or groups are not exposed highly enough in society. Even when the photos are shown in the correct light they are double exposed or hidden in an enclosed environment. I think it shows a good deal of cultural awareness that the author display very well using multiple types of techniques.

  3. Really interested in the first shot you’ve got here. Love the way the light is cutting vertically throughout the image and how that light is resting on your subject. Great work!

  4. These images made me want to see “more” of the scene and I admire how differently your subjects are portrayed within this set of photos; each subject seems to be in deep thought due to different stimuli and it makes you wonder what those stimuli are outside of the frame. In contrast to one of the comments above, I believe more exposure in the protesting images would have given much more depth and visual appeal to the images; they seem almost muddy and adding contrast could really increase the quality of those images.

  5. Compositionally I’m also particularly drawn to the first image and the way in which the light source divides the image and frames your subject so neatly.

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