7 thoughts on “Collin Miller”

  1. I think these turned out very well. I’m really partial to splatter in various art pieces so this really appealed to me. I like how it compliments the use of geometric shapes so it gives these prints a structured yet unpredictable composition. I also like how the paint still gives off a texture within the photo compared to the developer and fix where they give off a corroded feeling to the picture.

  2. I am very interested in the chemigrams and think the process is really interesting! I would say that you did a great job and produced some very unique pieces of art. The first one is my favorite because of the texture and your use of multiple colors and shapes.

  3. This is really pretty. I like how the paint interacts with the splotchy light exposed and developed paper. I love the first one the most because of its composition and i think the splatter paint with the shapes makes it an abstract landscape.

  4. Wow this really stood out to me! I love the different compositions and how lively the colors are. I feel like I could see these in a gallery in very large oversized prints. I think it’s neat that you are creating two pieces of art in one, with both painting and photography. The paint splatters I believe is what makes the image. Without them, I feel like it could be a little boring. The compositions are very strong and the abstract shapes work well with the splatters. However, I wish there was more splatters in the last image. Overall I absolutely love this series!

  5. I like that these photographs are abstract, but not too simplistic or too complicated. I like that most of them are gray, black, and white, but they all also have a pop of color in them. The lines flow and don’t force your eye to any part of the photographs, but gently guide it along the lines and around the photographs.

  6. All three photographs, make me think that the designs (shapes) were drawn on a window because of the way the texture looks. I like how all 3 photos have some sort of shape and all the colors blend in really nice. Something I would change, especially to the last picture is give it more background.

  7. I really like the color scheme you went with for this series. You captured the texture very well and it is an interesting composition.

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