28 thoughts on “Victoria Wong”

  1. I find all of these images to be very strong, both conceptually and compositionally. I am able to grasp a strong sense of emotion and tension. Great work!

    Futher, the image of the eyes (I assume this was accomplished through selective development) is especially intriguing to me. I would love to see more images with this process as it is spot on. Lastly, the final image is so captivating. It evokes a feeling relaxation, which I believe this is due to the softness and symmetry.

  2. I love the third photoshopped image a lot. Assuming it was photoshopped, I really like the filter affect. The other images I love as well. To me they don’t have much correlation with one another but I love each image on its own.

    1. All of these images were developed in the darkroom! So I had no clue how they were going to exactly turnout. I appreciate the kind feedback!

  3. I really love the composition of each of these photos. The 5th photo is absolutely gorgeous. I love the overexposure of the sky that expands to soften the trees around it. I find the first photo really interesting. The shadow of the child is so clear, but the child itself is almost completely faded into the background in some parts. The way the light works in this photo create a very interesting effect.

  4. Very impressed with the framing of the subject you are using in a few of these shots, the 5th image especially. The light breaking between the trees draws your eye straight to the subject. I think the contrast is also helping this image out tremendously. The darks really separate themselves well from the lights, while still maintaining a solid level of highlight. Love it!

  5. These photographs are great and very creative! I like your composition and grouping of the photos together. I would like to see more photos with the technique you used in the third image.

  6. My favorite photo is the one with the eyes! We jut learned selective development in class and it is amazing to see it in use. Despite the fact that most of the picture is not developed, there is still a full tonal range seen. The painted look messes with your brain because the eyes look realistic but the painted look makes it look created. It is a beautiful abstract picture and takes something so simple and makes it complex. Such an inspiration!

  7. The piece done with selective development is stunning. Using that process to emphasize the subjects eyes was a great choice, it makes it feel more abstract and captivating. I also really like the symmetry in the last three shots. The image with the person opening the door is also very interesting. I like how there is a tension to it because it feels like that person is violently opening the doors and it makes you wonder why.

  8. I cannot get over the amount of tonal quality throughout each of these pictures. I really enjoyed the photo using selective development as the darker splotches frame the eyes in a way that seems extremely intentional and unique. The first photo captures a chaotic background while the subject seems worry free and that visual contrast really stood out to me.

  9. I love this set of images and how you captured or created motion. The second image is my favorite because of the blurred motion of the door and its tonal range. I would love to see more of your work with more candid photos!

  10. I love all the pictures, but the third picture is really eye catching! I love how you developed that picture. It almost looks like it was photoshopped. Even though there are lots of negative space in the picture, the picture does no look boring at all. I would love to see more pictures developed with that technique!

  11. I absolutely love your third image. Your photoshop technique is really on point and I find this photograph very unique. I like that you only chose to focus on the eyes and made a water droplet effect on top of the original photo as well to make it all flow. Without that I feel like it would look very stiff. I also think the lighting in the fifth image is really great and the person is walking away in towards the light.

  12. I love all of these pictures! They create a sort of story and you capture movement/motion very well. The third image is my favorite. It really pulls me in and the blurred motion and intense looking of the eyes really makes it something special. They tones in all of these pictures work really well and they all flow together.

  13. I love these photos! the composition in the fifth image is very well done and I love how the light leads into the photo and the subject. The contrast between the dark shadows and light in the last photo is beautiful and the reflection of the flower (?) adds depth to the photo. Hope to see more photos like these!

  14. I really love these images! You have great composition in each one. They each have a great subject matter captured. The lighting in all of the images are perfect for black and white images.

  15. The third photo is really outstanding from others! The “spash effect” you added just makes the picture and the “eye contact” more powerful! Also, I think it might be helpful to create a more cohesive and consistent series of work next time and present them together. To me, you work individually is very interesting but they are a bit distracting to me when I view them together. a bit lost.

  16. The fifth picture in this collection really caught my eye. I love the lighting combined with the black and white, I also like the way the picture was taken and at the angle it was taken at. The picture draws your eye to the person and the light in front of them. The composition of these photos are all very strong.

  17. I love these photos. I think all together they are a very strong set of collection. They are all so different but each very well done. I think my favorites would have to be the last two photos. The one of the lady in the pathway is really pleasing on the eyes and real symmetric. The last one is a little different but the black background allows you to look at the flower at so many different angles with different thoughts. Very well done.

  18. The fifth image appears to utilize light and dark tones in a successful way, as the light in the middle of the image leads the viewer’s eyes to the silhouette of a person far away. Furthermore, the intense, bright exposure on the upper 3rd of the image, in the center causes the image to appear to be more grand, and have more of a larger than life feel to it. This is in particular due to the small size of the silhouette compared to the bright opening between the dark groups of trees on either side.

  19. Your use of light is extraordinary. The handling of the highlights in these dramatically contrasty compositions is a really unique look. Especially in the second to last, the light behaves in a very unconventional way due to your technique that more closely resembles an impressionist painting than a photograph. The double exposure (?) of the eyes is also dramatically compelling, the lack of detail utilized to the greater impact of the photo.

  20. I’m not sure if this is a series or not but it does not seem like it so I’ll just critique each photo as is.
    There’s something kind of scary about your first photo since the subject is a child running around and the way you have manipulated the photo makes the image visually darker. It feels as if the child is running away from a scary figure or a huge storm.
    The second photo looks like a still from a movie scene. It reminds me of Cindy Scherman’s photos that allowed you to create your own little stories in your head based off of her images.
    I really enjoy your last photo even though I don’t know what it is. The way you have abstracted the image makes it look so visually compelling and I can definitely see you doing a whole series on abstracting items similar to the one in your photo.

  21. While all of these photos have different themes, they all play with symmetry in an interesting way. In the photo with the tree line, my eye is immediately drawn into the gap between the trees where the person stands. It’s taken far away as if the viewer is also standing in the woods seeing someone in the distance.

  22. I really like this series of photos although I think the second one weakens the theme and throws me up me just a little bit. I tried to look at this series without the second photo and it looks beautiful and strong. Photos 3,4,5 are super impressive. You have a great intuition on finding angels and manipulating natural lights to create a mood. Great work!

  23. I love how these photos are in black and white. It really creates this dramatic mood. I even like how the second photo isn’t really in focus. It adds to the mood as well. The way you use leading lines and rules of thirds, makes this series really eye catching. The different angles you use from like down low, really adds to the series as well.

  24. I love the black and white contrast in all of your prints. I also love how abstract all of your images are. I am very confused by all of your images and I actually think that it strengthens your pieces. It leaves me with questions and leave me staring a questioning the images (in a good way)

  25. Hi Victoria,
    I really enjoy your prints especially, the second and third one. I feel like the first is too contrasted and dark, the details look really lost and clumped up together. The looks a bit out of focus but the print looks like it was done well. I’d just advise to dodge the shirt and leaves a bit. The 5th photo looks like the blown out tree branches near the sky should be burned. In the last photo, I’d advise to dodge the whites of the object to make the print pop more.

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