photography, Western Michigan University

David Borzkowski

David Borzkowski
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Inkjet; 16×24”
Series of 4

I started experimenting with how the environment around my subject adds to photograph, and how I can use that to my advantage. Over the course of the last semester I watched a lot of Mad Men and was in a very 60s mindset, so I used my basement, which has a 70s aesthetic and did self-portraits as my first attempt, and will be moving forward from here using medium format film.

6 thoughts on “David Borzkowski”

  1. I really like the consistency of this project and how the photographs seem to have been taken in the same space with the same individual. I do have to say, though, that the first three images flowed seamlessly together while the last image didn’t feel like it matched in the same way.

  2. The lighting on these photos is great! I really like the angles used and the very natural feel to the lighting. It really does feel like this subject just walked into a home that hasn’t been touched since the ’70s and just opened up the curtains. I love the set dressing and general mood to the series. Great work!

  3. I enjoy the colors a lot and I will say you nailed the 70’s aesthetics not only because of the basement but the simple editing of colors. The yellows, browns and a tingle of red brings out that decade a lot in my opinion. I think going to film as a next step would be a great idea because it will only emphasize this 70’s vibe even more.

  4. The basement setting certainly was a good choice, and I agree that film would be an appropriate next step for this idea. You might also consider styling yourself or your subjects towards fashion from that era as well if that interests you. I think your use of light is very strong in all of these photos.

  5. Awesome job capturing the 70’s aesthetic! You worked interestingly with composition, given your goal of exploring the effect of space on subjects. I like how you chose to photographic certain unexpected parts of the body from a straight-on sort of vantage point.

  6. This collection is a very interesting and eye grabbing series. The warmer tones of yellows and oranges give it almost a vintage appeal that dates the images and could give it a story to tell. I also enjoy how the first image shows the face of the man, however, in the rest of the collection you see other features of him so that your mind has to wander beyond the image and imagine what he is doing, what his face is expressing, etc. I also enjoy that these images were all taken in the same setting and it creates an adhesive piece. Overall, great images!

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