6 thoughts on “Haley Grunwald”

  1. Great work! I think that you can actually draw a lot from this photograph– it made me think about the relationship between people going to work at such a young age but still having the tendencies of someone who is a teenager/ connected to social media and having to grow up so fast.

  2. This is a beautiful picture of a quiet moment in a generally not so quiet setting. One can probably assume that while the photo was being taken, the environment was not quiet or serene as this photo may suggest. You did a great job of showing the very singular moment with this subject through the photograph. You dressed the image well by having the rest of his suit in frame and giving him just enough head space to make it feel as though he has the option of looking up, but doesn’t really want to. Great photograph!

  3. This is a very candid photo of the “American Worker”. I love the photojournalistic aspect of this, because it peers into this firefighters life when he’s not on duty. It tells a lot about the individual and his relationship to his job, and each interpretation is subjective and can be different; that’s what I love about this image.

  4. I genuinely enjoy this photograph, although I wish there was a description along with the photo so I could have some background on what was going on. I get a sense of humor in the photo. I feel as though people in todays world are wrapped around their phones and electronics and isolate themselves. This man is sitting alone while at work and on his phone, isolating himself from the real world. I feel like firehouses are typically chaotic in a way, but this photograph makes it feel so calm and relaxed. Also, I feel like if it was an older man, it would feel off if he was on his phone because that’s not what his generations is typically known for. The young man portrays the message nicely and really sets the mood for this photograph.

  5. This photo shows great emotion of the “American Worker.” It is a very simple photo that can be interpreted in so many different way. I believe it shows the end of a stressful day and that moment he is able to just sit back a relax.

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