photography, St. Norbert College

Hanna Raczek

I’ve always been interested in fantasy/dreamlike photography that tells a story–or pulls you into one–and lets you escape the real world for awhile, and I allow myself to do this, too, by making most of my photos self-portraits. I’ve been trying to push my Photoshop editing skills further and to begin playing with more adjustments than simply curves, so I used this photo to begin that journey into advanced color editing.

This was my second photo to really play with color adjustment. I wanted to make something beautiful, compelling, and a little bit fantastical, playing with the battle between winter and spring trope.

Hanna Raczek
ART380 Advanced Digital Photography
Digital print(s)
13″ x 20″

5 thoughts on “Hanna Raczek”

  1. I enjoy how you’ve got the subject engaging with the viewer in one photo, and then ignoring the viewer in the other. It creates an interesting juxtaposition, and leaves me wondering whether the subject wants me to be engaged or not. Good job!

  2. Hanna, these photos are just beautiful. The vivid and contrast between the girl’s clothing to the snow, the way she is positioned and your use of rule of thirds, the lighting is fantastic and the way you fill the image is breathtaking, I love how simple the image looks but also how captivating the subject makes the image, even when she is turned around, you can’t help but to look at the lines of her hair, to the branches, to the wood and all around again. Well done, absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I love the subject in both photographs. In the first one, the subject looks directly at the camera and engages the viewer from a first person perspective. This can bring out that dreamy effect simply because you dream in the first person. I do think that the color editing can be experimented with more in order to really drive the effect home. Maybe play with the hues of the colors, or split tone.

  4. Being someone who loves portraits or story telling, I thoroughly enjoy these images. The model intrigues the viewer and grabs your attention immediately. From the way her hand draws you in, the color of her hair or the contrast of the dark fur coat against the pale white snow, there is constantly something for your eye to enjoy. I like the setting, the rustic, cold and dead surroundings while she seems like a very luxurious and mysterious girl just wandering about. Overall, I really like these images and the story it’s telling!

  5. IN the first picture I like how clear the woman’s face is in the picture and how the weeds around her pull out features from the dress. In the second picture I feel like the picture is more focused on the woman and the weeds are a little buried out. It does not bug me that she is not looking at the person taking the picture.

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