photography, St. Norbert College

Noah Fidlin

Noah Fidlin
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints; 12″ by 12″
4 Images a part of the series

Description: “This is a narrative and still life collection I created the first two months of 2017. All pictures are meant to evoke a sense of mystery and dreaminess to different extents. Hope you enjoy my work.”

10 thoughts on “Noah Fidlin”

  1. I am really enjoying the first three photos in this collection, they indeed deliver a sense of mystery and eeriness. The last photo in the collection does not necessarily do much for me, at least within this collection. I think because the first three shots are so strong and sharp, the last one stands out as a bit of an outlier. All in all, great work!

  2. I love the cinematic affect of your work. That being said, the first is actually my favorite because I feel it conveys the same mystique and creepiness of the second photograph without being as straightforward.

  3. You definitely accomplished your goal of evoking a sense of mystery. Each of the photos is both creepy and mysterious in slightly different ways. The final photograph almost looks like something is trapped in a bell jar, but I still can’t quite tell what the photo is actually of. The ambiguity of the photo is very interesting. The second photo is definitely a little creepy. The lighting in frame makes a great shadow on the mask and helps to emphasize the creepy/mysterious nature of this character. You did a great job lighting this photo.

  4. These look like they were taken with color film, and the fact that they are digital prints is very impressive! I love the paired different split toning effects on the first and third image and the second and fourth. Also, I really enjoy that staged shot of the figure with the mask. The hanging lightbulbs and the split toned green and yellow add a really ominous effect.

  5. Your work is so stylized. I think the feeling you are trying to convey is very apparent. The colors and atmosphere you create is very dynamic.

  6. I love the mysterious and kind of creepy theme behind these pictures; the buildings and the guy with the mask are especially my favorite. The lighting with the mask creates such a great contrast between the darkness in the background to the colors of the mask to the color of the lights, and the angle at which you shot at is great. The buildings is also very well done; I like that there is enough negative space in both to show a bottom weighted focal point but also a contrast between the colors of the sky and the buildings. The last picture in this series is also very mysterious and abstract which is phenomenal; I love the intentionality behind the blurred motion and the center focus is unidentifiable which adds to the theme even more. Great job!

  7. This is a great series. I immediately start forming a narrative that relates all four images. Technically, I’m particularly drawn to the way you composed the third photo; the trees on either side of the mill perfectly hold the frame together for me. I feel like without them I’d have less reason to look into the building, which seems important to the mood of this set.

  8. The feeling I get isn’t necessarily a dreamy one, but more-so an eerie feeling. I enjoy all of the photos, especially the 2nd and 3rd ones. In the second one, the lighting reflecting off of the mask gives off this menacing look or maybe a glint in the eye. I like the third photo for the lines that it gives in drawing the eye and the faded old letters from another business that used to be in the building.

  9. I really love the green and blue, cool and dirty undertones of the photos, the manipulation of color perfectly matches the grungy imagery of the subjects. The last composition with the blurry shadowy lightbulb resembling a figure is especially compelling, as there is at once a sense of spontaneity and drama along with carefully considered composition.

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