Noah Fidlin

Noah Fidlin
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints; 12″ by 12″
4 Images a part of the series

Description: “This is a narrative and still life collection I created the first two months of 2017. All pictures are meant to evoke a sense of mystery and dreaminess to different extents. Hope you enjoy my work.”

5 thoughts on “Noah Fidlin

  1. I am really enjoying the first three photos in this collection, they indeed deliver a sense of mystery and eeriness. The last photo in the collection does not necessarily do much for me, at least within this collection. I think because the first three shots are so strong and sharp, the last one stands out as a bit of an outlier. All in all, great work!

  2. I love the cinematic affect of your work. That being said, the first is actually my favorite because I feel it conveys the same mystique and creepiness of the second photograph without being as straightforward.

  3. You definitely accomplished your goal of evoking a sense of mystery. Each of the photos is both creepy and mysterious in slightly different ways. The final photograph almost looks like something is trapped in a bell jar, but I still can’t quite tell what the photo is actually of. The ambiguity of the photo is very interesting. The second photo is definitely a little creepy. The lighting in frame makes a great shadow on the mask and helps to emphasize the creepy/mysterious nature of this character. You did a great job lighting this photo.

  4. These look like they were taken with color film, and the fact that they are digital prints is very impressive! I love the paired different split toning effects on the first and third image and the second and fourth. Also, I really enjoy that staged shot of the figure with the mask. The hanging lightbulbs and the split toned green and yellow add a really ominous effect.

  5. Your work is so stylized. I think the feeling you are trying to convey is very apparent. The colors and atmosphere you create is very dynamic.

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