5 thoughts on “Sam Molinaro”

  1. Love both of these shots but you already know that second photo in the collection is one of my favorites. I’ll add to what I talked about during critique. I think the border (any border, not necessarily this specific border) works really well for this shot. Without it, I think that circular structure in the top right would get lost in the background. The border helps define its shape, and keep it inside of the photograph. Love it!

  2. In the first picture I like how you can see the skateboard clear as day and you can make out he was doing with it. In the second picture I like how the picture was not taken straight on and how the sun comes in through the windows.

  3. I really like the 2nd picture and the lines that the shadows cast on the wall next to the window. I also like the angle that the picture is taken and I like that its not a straight on photo.

  4. I love the inclusion of boarders in these uploads, they really transmit the preservation of the analogue origins of these images, and reflect the work of that process that went into their creation that is honored alongside the skill of the capturing of the images themselves, a lost art that often goes unconsidered as the skill of the photographer in capturing is now heralded as the sole skill, while retouching and development is viewed as “cheating” or not a true part of the process. I like the denial of a clear focal point for the viewer, the capture and crop into an unconventional viewpoint that does not at all strive to capture the full form of the subject but instead the focused glance of a passing moment.

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