4 thoughts on “Samuel Peters”

  1. I loved the imagery in this video. I also really enjoyed the audio throughout. The words in the poem related very well to what was happening in the video. The layering of different clips worked really well and I really enjoyed the video! Really great job.

  2. Your video, especially the audio, very much reminds me of one of my favorite music groups; Boards of Canada. Everything from the texture of the instruments, that sort of grainy quality over all the audio, the slowed down, layered, and warped voice speaking reminds me of something I might have heard on ‘Music Has the Right To Children’ and the video looks like it would’ve been a video accompanying this era of their music. Well done.

  3. I really love the composition of this video. The gradual shift into more intense clips and colors feels really nice and was executed well. I also liked the modulation done with the pitch of the eerie and almost alien voice. However, I feel like the shift in intensity should have been a part of the audio as well as the visuals. For example, I feel like the audio should have started with a normal voice with no audio effects and then gradually distort into the voice that you’re using now. You could have also done this with the music as well, which was already very fitting, but you could have made it so that the music would gradually get more distorted over time(But NOT have it intrusive to the person speaking).

  4. Interesting video. The audio and the effects were really good in keeping the viewer interested. The audio effects give the video such a strange and uneasy feeling, along with the sound and it makes such a great bond between the audio and the video clips.

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