video, Western Michigan University

Gonzalo Garreton

Gonzalo Garreton
ART 3750: Video Art II, Western Michigan University

This video is my contribution to the “Group Video Installation” assignment for the class Video Art II at Western Michigan University. For this project, our group brainstormed ideas suggested by the sound and we individually produced our unique video responses. The videos were then brought together into a multichannel installation in the gallery.

Cinematography & Editing: Gonzalo Garreton
Audio: New Years IX: Historical Events III by Christopher Biggs

1 thought on “Gonzalo Garreton”

  1. This video works really well with the other from this project. They both have very intense moods that come across very strongly to the viewer. I love the way each video represented the audio in a different way, but creates the same sort of mood for each video. I loved the consistency of the video, but I wish the angle hadn’t moved toward the beginning for a more smooth transition that would’ve caught me off guard more and made it more fluid.

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