University of Kentucky, video

Lydia Emeric

Lydia Emeric
A-S 285 Lens Arts

For this piece, I wanted to relay the feelings I feel about society, and the growing problem that other people are feeling as well. There used to be a time when humans were more connected and invested in one other. There used to be a time when people really knew you even if you did not want them to. Through the growth of technology and the change of society’s value, a disconnection between people has arisen. It is easy when you have your friend on all the social media sites there are and to see them from day to day. You begin to think you know them and assume what their life is like. Then there is the problem of the nonchalant attitude that has become increasingly more popular. People think bailing on others is alright or do not really try to stay connected with their friends. Many people are dissatisfied with having only surface level relationships with others. With this video, I people to think about who they value in their life and if they have made an effort to be a part of those lives they cherish. The people closest to you might actually be the ones you are hardly see at all.

2 thoughts on “Lydia Emeric”

  1. Very interesting and powerful video. I really enjoy how you decided to not really show the subjects faces and the angles were mostly all neck down. Also the effects of the clouds and hearts at the beginning were risky of you but fortunately they worked out.

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