video, Western Michigan University

Meredith Whitaker

Meredith Whitaker
Art 3750: Video Art II

This video is my contribution to the “Group Video Installation” assignment for Video Art II class at Western Michigan University. For this project, our group brainstormed ideas suggested by the sound and we individually produced our unique video responses. The videos were then brought together into a multi-channel installation in the gallery.

Music: New Years IX: Historical Events III by Christopher Biggs

3 thoughts on “Meredith Whitaker”

  1. This video left me with a very erie vibe, I love how this was edited as it took me into a new discovered world. You did a great job with this piece!

  2. This video is incredibly intense. I felt almost breathless throughout in anticipation and somewhat fear of what’s going to jump out. The way the sound compliments the mood of the video is very successful in adding to the intensity. Even the lighting adds additional energy to the video, which feels almost suffocating. I love the way the mood is strongly portrayed to the audience is well done.

  3. This was absolutely terrifying. The way you edited your video in correlation to the sound was done very well. The use of dark tones set the mood from the beginning, and the inverted clips further added to the creepy aspect.

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