8 thoughts on “Allyson Withey”

  1. My initial instinct is that I should be unsettled by these photos, but I’m almost actually comforted by them. I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up with a lot of houses that look very similar to this one around me, but this house feels inviting. The light inside the door makes it look inhabited and the small splash of red in the second photo gives it the dynamic edge that the photos needed.

  2. I really enjoy the colors, contrast and low exposure of these photos. I like the lowered saturation or vibrance and I also enjoy to two photos together. The wider shot followed by the close up of the door tells a narrative that I’d love to see more of. It’s a very cinematic feel as well.

  3. Love the cinematic effect this collection has. I enjoy how you’ve given us an establishing shot, and then another that gives us a bit more detail. Adding on to what Sam mentioned, the red detail on the door is something we aren’t able to see in the wide shot. By giving us a closer look it helps build the narrative of the house and the scene as a whole.

  4. I really enjoy these photographs. They seem eery and as if they are stills from a crime scene. The disheveled white house paired with the light dusting of snow on the ground is very visually pleasing.

  5. Both of these photos make me very curious about what is in the house/doorway. The way you framed each of the shots is perfect! The sharpness in the picture of the house makes the picture very clear and straightforward, while also making me wonder what’s inside or underneath the house.

  6. I really like these photos. especially the colors in them. They make the house seem sad and cold, almost abandoned, but the little bits of color bring some life to the photos. I also like all the details in the house and yard that draw the viewer into the photos.

  7. The first picture is very clear and a lot of detail is visible on the house. The time of day makes the house appear old and eerie. I like how the angle of the second photo is not shot straight on but more from and above angle. The field of depth really brings out the reflection in the window.

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