6 thoughts on “Allyson Withey”

  1. I am very drawn to the second image. I think your framing and composition is strongest there and the lighting is really working to your advantage. I also enjoy how the left corner is out of focus so the viewer can concentrate on what is in the foreground.

  2. I enjoy how both images you have here compliment each other without being to repetitive. Both are shots of objects found in nature, yet have individual characteristics that keep them different from one another. These shots seemed pretty untouched, and I think for the better. You are showcasing a natural environment in its truest sense. Nice work.

  3. You definitely found a nice time of day to shoot this area; the natural light really brings out the colors and textures of these subjects. Light and depth of field are working very well together in the first photo in particular, where the moss is clearly defined as the focal point and the leaves become background and context.

  4. The lighting in these photos really brings out the natural greens. Both photos have a great focal point and anything else just kind of becomes part of the background. Also the textures that were captured in both photos is phenomenal.

  5. The top photo is the one I am drawn to the most. I like how detailed and clear the moss it and how it is easy to tell that the moss is the subject of the picture. One thing I would like to see changed is the bottom right of the picture. I think the picture would be better if you could have captured the rest of the moss that was cut off in this photo.

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