8 thoughts on “Amelia Manley”

  1. All of these are very pretty and nicely composed. I enjoy that the lines in the top photo don’t just run from top to bottom or from side to side, but rather they give a lot of perspective into what the architecture really would be like outside of a photograph. Your bottom photo is a great portrait. The lighting really captures something light in her eye while still keeping a bit of mystery and darkness to the photo.

  2. Your architectural imagery is great, the angles are refreshing. The sliver of light you’ve kept coming through the two buildings is beautiful. There is a nice contrast between the angle at which that shot was taken (somewhat unnatural and distorted) and the subtle tones along with the light coming through the buildings. Nice work!

  3. I love that you paired the buildings with the close up portrait! You have really nice composition as well.

  4. I really enjoy the last pic as it is one of my favorite so far in this blog. Love your angle of your camera as well as the direction of your model, really give picture appear deeper. The light is also quite smooth all over the model’s face, can you tell me what technique you have been using?

  5. I am definitely intrigued by the symmetry and points in all three photos, each picture shows a focal point, lines, shapes, texture and all three have a neutral color scheme which feels warm when imagery is projected.

  6. I love the repeated pattern in the first photo and really enjoy how the lines bring you eye in every which direction. The second photo has great symmetry and is shot from a neat angle. The third photo has fantastic lighting and symmetry.

  7. I love the pattern in the first photo and I like the lines and symmetry of the windows. I also really like the angle of the second photo, it makes you wonder at first about what you really are looking at.

  8. Your architectural pictures are wonderful they are perfectly symmetrical and inviting. Besides these two building pictures my favorite is the portrait. The lighting is soft and contrasts the subjects face well. The gradient in the back also contributes to the picture, fantastic job!

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