6 thoughts on “Ann Escamilla”

  1. Love these! The strongest images for me are the last two, but overall they work well together. It can be hard to capture plants in a unique way and you have done it. Good job!

  2. These photos are fantastic close ups of greenery that could be found inside a greenhouse!. One thing I would say though is that someone looking strictly at the photos may not be able to deduce that these photos were captured inside a greenhouse except for maybe the second image where you can see the metal grate.

  3. All four of these images really make the color green pop. The one I really enjoy is the last one with the spot of black in the middle which through the pattern off just a little bit making it a very interesting picture. Overall all four pictures are fantastic and captured the details of the plants amazingly.

  4. The green of the plants are so vibrant. Also the brown of the stems in the first picture makes the plants stand out more.

  5. I always enjoy the simplistic beauty nature can give off sometimes and this was really captured in this up close photos

  6. The idea of buying nature is something most people don’t really think about. We think nature is so beautiful, but we rip them away from their place of growth. The texture of the plants are so delicate. The colors are so vibrant.

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