University of Kentucky, video

Elizabeth Tipton

Elizabeth Tipton
A-S285: Lens Art

This brief stop motion film explores the idea of perception versus reality. The way we perceive the world is skewed by our surroundings and our preconceived notions of the way we assume things should happen. “Occipital Switch” takes a whimsical look at seeing with no boundaries. By altering your view and state of mind, you can see the universe in ways that once seemed impossible.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Tipton”

  1. Great video! I really enjoy most all of it but I believe there’s a couple things that could be fixed. The way the camera pans is a bit choppy and I think it could be shot a bit smoother. For example, when the camera moves up in the beginning it slides to the left and right a bit. Also it has the same effect when zooming in on the wooden sculpture/person.

  2. The sound design here is amazing!!!! Some of the sounds even seem to be binaural. In the first shot though there was a rope in the bottom right of the shot that moved a little. While I definitely understand that consistency while doing stop motion video is difficult this was just a bit distracting.

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