University of Kentucky, video

Julie Toomey, Jillian Jones, Lizzie Moore

Julie Toomey, Jillian Jones, Lizzie Moore
AS285: Lens Art

For this piece we worked in a collaboration for a stop motion project. This video is in reference to Plato’s Cave. We used Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom drawing tablet to bring Blobert, the main character, alive. Like the Allegory of the Cave, Blobert was trapped inside a “one perspective of life” by being trapped inside a laptop screen. We opened his perspective by setting him free to the real world.

2 thoughts on “Julie Toomey, Jillian Jones, Lizzie Moore”

  1. I really enjoyed this but there’s a few parts that were drawn out a bit too long such as when the character was being moved around the screen for a bit. Also some shots set the scene back a little so maybe deleting a few shots could improve the smoothness of the stop motion.

  2. The switch from the character being in the computer to coming out of it worked very well. the folly sounds and were the best i have heard so far. It helped to make everything come alive. The camera did seem a bit shaky at times though. I can tell it is on a tripod so I know how hard it can be to keep this in one spot even on a tripod especially when zoomed in like some of these shots are. I would suggest instead of extending the Tripod legs to get that height use a sturdy table with the tri pod on it and just extend the rest of the way for the height you need. this way you are not relying on the legs of the tripod only which i have found can be very flimsy.

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