7 thoughts on “Shelby Gulbronson”

  1. I enjoy the composition of this image. A wide shot really gives the image context and shifts the focus not only the car and it’s logo or brand, but instead to its place in the environment. I also feel like the addition of the white car works well too because without it, it becomes less of a natural scene and more of a staged commercial.

  2. Really loving how the light is only hitting the trees above the car. It helps direct my eye into the composition. The reflections in the water are what I’m drawn towards second, which are really beautiful. Nice shot!

  3. I enjoy the angle you used for this photograph, because it gives a complete sense of the setting. The mud puddles add texture and the leaves hanging from the top of the image ground it in place. Great job with composition.

  4. I really love the lighting in this photo and how it just touches the cars and puddles, but really illuminates the mud. The reflections in the puddles are very nice and the texture captured on the ground really gives the place a sense of use.

  5. I’m definitely impressed with how you’re able to communicate a strong mood out of an otherwise rather banal setting. I enjoy how the cars are pushed aside to the right and in the background and yet are still centrally framed.

  6. What I find to be really cool about this photograph is that it is taken at such a wide angle, but the each space of the photograph is filled with something interesting. With the cars, the light coming in, and the mud, along with the vignette made by the dark trees makes for a great composition.

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