3 thoughts on “Shelby Gulbronson

  1. This is beautiful. I had to stare at it for a while, specifically at the edges where the edges of the tree and fungus meet. I’m still not convinced that the fungus is actually growing on the tree branch, but I also don’t really have a specific reason to doubt it. Overall, I really like the short depth of field and how that really draws the eye into the texture and the rings of color you can see in the white.

  2. Great picture. I like the composition (looks like it has been cropped which looks good) of the photo and how the black and white color balance each other.

  3. My first thought was how beautiful this is. I love how you have turned something that is a fungus into a work of art. This image gives me greater appreciation for nature and I would love to see more close up shots by you!

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