photography, Western Michigan University

Veronica Clay

Veronica Clay
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 8inx10in

This work provides a relationship to the subject that the viewer didn’t have before. These images are small snippets of other peoples lives, and I do my best to capture the emotion. Their facial expressions and body language show how they really feel.

8 thoughts on “Veronica Clay”

  1. These are beautiful portraits. The depth of field in both makes them seem very professional and I think you have a strong ability to capture personality.

  2. Veronica, these portraits are exquisite! The contrast in the one of the baby is beautifully well done, the lighting in the girl’s portrait of the catch light is so captivating and the focus on both of them is very well done. Great job!

  3. As someone who absolutely loves Portrait Photography, these images captured my attention immediately! Both images are very strong in their own ways. The first one has a sense of happiness and joy throughout; from the yellow tones and large smirk you can tell exactly how the model is feeling in the moment. I love how crisp her eyes are and how her makeup draws you right into the deep contrasted center of her pupils. For the second image I love that the child seems in his element, that he’s comfortable and he even has a hair out of place, which is something that shows it was captured in the middle of a moment. The fact that it is in black and white allows the viewer to just look all over and see the large smile and dimples, the small hands and fingers and cute little toes without being distracted by strong colors the photographer could’ve chosen to use!

  4. Fantastic portraits. As mentioned above, your depth of field is soft enough to naturally draw the viewers’ eyes to the most important aspect of the photo, which is the face. The use of warm tones in the first portrait is inviting and playful, and the use of black & white in the second photo encourages the viewers to spend more time analyzing and admiring the personality that shines through in the face of the little boy. Well done!

  5. You have a beautiful portrait style! I love the editing you have done on these images; the flatter shadows and someone muted look gives the photos such a soft, ethereal feeling. They are very emotion-filled. Wonderful work!!

  6. The pictures are very pretty portraits! I like the eye level view in both pictures and the proximity to the people shot.

  7. These portraits are beautiful! They are very different but both are dynamic, the lighting is professionally set in the first image. The second also shows the emotion of the baby where you can see how he is feeling. The warm glow in both gives off a relaxing, fun vibe that I can’t pinpoint but I love it!

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