photography, Western Michigan University

Sarrah Sweeris

Sarrah Sweeris
ART3470 Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 10″ x 7″
Images: 4

Location: Vine Neighborhood, Kalamazoo

Inspired by William Christenberry, I want to show a representation of time in my photographs. My idea for these photographs is to capture what happens over time to nature when interrupted by man-made objects. I’m also interested in the comparison between organic and mechanical lines.

6 thoughts on “Sarrah Sweeris”

  1. I appreciate your consistency of composition and perspective in each of these images. You’ve flattened out each one these scenes to a pleasing grid format to emphasis the movement (or truncated movement) of each of these plants. This straight-on and rather confined view point focuses your subject and helps communicate your ideas about time and growth.

  2. I like your view point. It really gets across your idea of the comparison between organic and mechanical lines since you focus on only whats important and cut out the stuff surrounding to communicate your idea.

  3. I enjoy the simplicity in these shots. They remind me of imagery you’d normally pass up on a walk to work or school, yet are fascinating at a closer glance. I’m glad you’ve found interest in the mundane, and executed this in a beautiful way.

  4. I’m not sure if I truly enjoy these shots, or if I’m just caught in the simplicity and traveling lines of the plants and man-made structures. I think the darker, more grey, tone of the pictures also help to show that with the encroachment of the man-made, the organic struggle to live. I would’ve liked more in the photos, but that could also detract from the message.

  5. I like the personal feel these photographs give off because they are so close and showing the growth of nature in an advance industrial world

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