9 thoughts on “Andrew Esty”

  1. I love how modern both of these photos look, the lighting in each picture is very distinct yet still feel like they go well with each other. The simplicity of the background really gives way to highlighting the objects in the foreground.

  2. I like the details that you have on the first photo. Thanks to the simple color and light background, your subjects appear in great details and pleasant for eyes

  3. I particularly like the second photo in this post as it has a simplistic and cool tone about it. The subtle lines from the corners of the room or box that the light is in also draw the eye around the photo.

  4. The color comparisons you’ve caught between these two photos are very successful. These photos are so simple and modernistic, it feels like the starting point to a full 2 page ad spread in a magazine.

  5. Even though there isn’t much content to these photos, I love that they are simply and have a cool tone back ground to them. The background really adds to the photo.

  6. I really love the simplicity and content to these images. Although there isn’t much to look at, it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The deep purples or the contrast of pinks to blacks separate the images and create shapes for the eyes to admire. I personally like all the lines present in the second image… creates a flow and matches the lines of the walls in the background. I like the first one because of the color scheme and the fact that I can’t quite get at what it stands for… leaves the viewer wondering… Love it!

  7. I really love the warm pink glow that unites these images. The simplicity and minimalism of the composition is implacably done, though I wish the watch band was even on both sides of the first image. Especially impressed with how straight the cable of the mouse is!
    The background of the lamp with its deep purple is also excellently composed, these seem more like renderings than reality!

  8. Both these images are simple and have subtle color variation. Even without a large concept to go around the pictures obviously draws a lot of attention. I love how the warm glow is emphasized in the lantern, and the composition for the first image is aligned in a grid. The series also relates to each other in terms of color, I absolutely enjoy that part the most.

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