15 thoughts on “Caitlin Shogren”

  1. I really love the last image in this set. The movement captured between those talking on the bench and the people walking outside is really great

  2. I love that these pictures look like “old” photos, but still look modern, especially the last one. I love the creativity of these images!

  3. I love the vibe of these photos. They’re kind of ominous but also the subjects are clear. The textures in the second and third pictures are great and show so much detail about what is in the frame. I really like the last one especially because of the way you framed the shot. The combination of the people on the bench with the people outside walking by creates an interesting scene.

  4. I really love the movement in both the first and last photos. The shadowing in the last photo makes it visually appealing and interesting. It’s also cool with just the contrast of people walking outside, but the stillness of those sitting inside.

  5. I really liked the photograph of the mirrors. I liked how you can see a story within the photograph. It’s interesting looking at each section of the photograph. You can see each section can be broken down into another photograph, because their is something different happening in each section.

  6. Very interesting and well put together photos. I love the use of black and white and it seems you even took that a step further with playing with the contrast some. Really darkens the photo and as some already said, adds an ominous feel to the photo which is great.

  7. The first picture looks really like a painting. I can still recognize the people walking in the dark which makes the picture interesting. The second and the third one seem have a similar theme, but I prefer the second photo. I like the contract in that one. What makes it more interesting is that we can still see the details in the scene.

  8. I absolutely love the texture and contrast in these photos. The second one is so rich and moody and I’m not even totally sure what it is a photo of. My favorite is the fourth one although I would have cropped it to make the lines vertical and horizontal.

  9. These photos look like a dystopia world. I also love the black and white world. I like how the people look emotionless.

  10. I love how making an image black and white can change the entire mood of the photo. The images feel older and almost more intense as the contrast between the black and white is so great. I also love how these photos capture simple, everyday scenes and emphasize them with the clarity of texture (or blurred parts in the first photo).

  11. These are great images but if I had to choose one to leave out, I would leave out the last image. Although the first image contains figure of people these people aren’t clearly identifiable. I would either go back and distort the images of the people in the last image or pull it.

  12. I am curious to know if there is a cohesive theme among all these photos or not. The ghosting of the people in the first image is a nice tough. For a night photo, you have done a good job. The contrast in the printing process in some images is working and not so much in others; the natures photos are the ones that are not working for me. The second image is overexposed and the third image is flat. The graininess in the last image and the lighting adds to the vibe.

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