19 thoughts on “Emily Johnson”

  1. I really enjoy how these three images complement each other; all seem to be abstractions that might be found in a similar place. I’m most interested by the geometries and textures you’ve captured, which seems to be what you are most focused on here. You might consider an even more symmetrical framing of the first and third images.

  2. I love the texture/contrast between all three photos. I experience multiple types of textures in the photos and that’s what I love most about them.

  3. These photos are very beautiful as it seems like everyday objects we may run into, you captured them in a beautiful way. Also, the color scheme of the photo’s together compliant one another.

  4. Emily, these photos are very beautiful!! The colors and textures are what grab my eye the most. Well done!

  5. These three photographs all display simple textures that we might encounter every day, but does so in a pleasantly framed way. The way the close cropping emphasizes the lines and shapes of the objects is quite eye catching. The colors also help make the three cohesive in my mind. Great shots.

  6. These pictures are interesting because you can see the different patterns, the scratches and how clear the picture comes to life from the patterns.

  7. The angles and symmetrical lines in these pictures are special! amongst other things, of course, I appreciate the textures and different shapes in the pictures.

  8. I like the use of the patterns and textures within these photos. The objects could have been photographed from further away, but the closeness makes the objects abstract and more interesting. The colors of each seem to complement each other with is also very pleasing to the eye.

  9. Great use of textures and patterns in these photos. I enjoy how the images are up close of various images to the point where you don’t know what the object is and makes the viewer have to think about what they are looking at. I also like how it appears that the sun is shining on the objects and giving them a shiny look.

  10. I really enjoy the texture of these objects so closely. The zoom perspective leads you to think what kind of object could it be zoomed out which makes it so unique

  11. The textures in these images are absolutely amazing!!! I think along with the colors, you’ve compiled a group of cohesive images that are beautiful and eye catching. Compositionally, I wish some of the circles in the first and third image weren’t partially cut off.

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