13 thoughts on “Kyle Qiankang Zhou”

  1. These images are really intriguing because they force the audience to become more aware to what is visible. The faded face and glowing noodles force the viewer to double take and think about what it is that they are looking at, which helps make what would be simple images more interesting.

  2. The way that you frame these images is really amazing, placing the objects in the center of the image draws in the viewers eye straight to the main focal point. The double exposure of the first image with the face and lantern gives this abstract, almost spiritual like feeling to the photo that contributes to its aura. Your light painting photo also has asian influences that tie into the first photo giving the two photos a cohesive theme.

  3. Your photos show an incredible grasp of surrealism. What seem to be in-camera processes appear like very intriguing darkroom alternative processes. You have a very unique, cool style!

  4. I really like the ramen photo. It’s glowing in the dark and the uniform shape of it just make the whole picture so interesting. Such a daily life scene seems so different from what I normally remember for eating ramens. Just cannot stop looking at it.

  5. Not only are the compositions on these photos well done, but they also ground the objects and have the eye move seamlessly through the frame. Specifically on the first frame the curves bringing our eyes to the nest and with the nest having so many curved lines it gives us the opportunity to move back up. Overall, the double exposures have a very eerie feeling, ghostlike even. I think the shadows add to that feeling and the distorted face and glowing nature of the food.

  6. the surreal and dreamy effect on these images is appealing and the double exposers have been done very well. I like the concept of combining things to overlap on each other in a way that appears seamless in form. The second image really is convincing that it is light up noodles, the straight edge is only thing that give it away that it is not one image, but two.

  7. These are very impressive! You’ve really mastered the double exposure with these photos. The ramen one is especially intriguing and i would love to see an entire series where you create food out of light.

  8. I love how simple the subject matter is in these photos. At the same time, you are able to make these photos so much more appealing and unique by how you add to them through the face and light exposure.The compositions are very well done.

  9. These are amazing and super thought provoking. I can’t stop looking because they are so different than other photos I have seen. There is not a lot of objects or things in the image, but so much is going on and so much is to be contemplated. I think you did a great job framing your images and creating a concept that is very different and makes the viewer think a lot.

  10. In the first picture I like how you can see the face of the person and how the face looks it is over the lines of the light but there not. In the second picture I like how you can see the pattern from the noodle’s and how the noddle’s are bright but still visible.

  11. These two pictures are really interesting. It’s a smart way to merge a human face with a lamp. It seems you spent a lot time playing with these two pictures in darkroom. I really like the instant noodles one. There is a large range in the black and white color. The duplicate of noodles creates visual attractions to me. I really like this set of photos.

  12. Although dark, i find it interesting that I still find these images to be very playful. I love how precise your light drawings are. Thats something that I personally find difficult and its amazing to see it so well demonstrated here.

  13. The illusion you have created using the two techniques are on point! They are used very well in an efficient and constructive way that adds to the image rather than taking away from it. So great job!

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