5 thoughts on “Nate France”

  1. These photographs are quite interesting paired together. I love the juxtaposition of the smiley face and the broken glass. It’s also intriguing to me that I can’t tell if the first image is simply one photo or a diptych.

  2. I love the abstract feel of these images. I think they are paired very well together and make each other more interesting. I love how the bottom image creates a lot of eye movement throughout the frame whereas the top image is more simple and focused on one point in the frame. In this way, the images complement each other very well.

  3. This picture is different because you can not just look at one thing, there are a lot of different things to look at with the lines

  4. Even though the images are very different from each other, they compliment each other very nicely. The black and white ties them together. The simplicity of the first one works with the complexity of the second one.

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