video, Western Michigan University

Peter Warner

Peter Warner
ART 3750, Video Art 2

This project was inspired by ambient piece the Disintegration Loops by William Bazinski. As culture transitions into this new digital age, we are losing our touch with the natural world. In this video I was trying to depict both the new found beauty of digitization, and the sorrow of what we are poised to lose.

2 thoughts on “Peter Warner”

  1. This video felt very peaceful and relaxing, however the digitalization at first felt like a glitch, but as the effect got more intense, it felt somewhat jarring from the video. It added a level of discomfort to the video, adding to the overall message. However, I wish that there were more angles to add interest since it is such a long video.

  2. Really a nice way of visualizing your message. Very easy to understand, even without your explanation. I also thought the sheer scale displayed in the shots – just how vast the ocean looks, and how large even the distance between those two cliffs is, and how small the birds are in comparison – that scale paired well, because I thought it communicated just how massive a thing it is that we could lose if we’re distracted by the digital substitutes.

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