11 thoughts on “Cameron Wrenn”

  1. As a series the metaphor here is very clearly communicated and intensely so. I would just say that the shape and softness of the vignettes is a bit distracting to me.

  2. Hating needles makes these images very visceral to me. I like the idea and the metaphor, but like Nate says, creating a softer vignette will make the images more attractive.

  3. I like the metaphor used here. Using the needle to convey what that metaphor is is great. Really hits the spot in showing just how dependent people are on coffee.

  4. Visually, the metaphor for coffee is communicated from the first frame; however, as individual frames the metaphor is lost in the second two frames. Because of the vignette being so stark, I could assume that this was done on photoshop by hand. I think more attention to detail of the ovals would have helped these photographs a lot. Conceptually, I found the comparison/metaphor dramatic,distasteful, and weak.

  5. These images are quite different than other ones on this page, and I feel like this makes them stand out. From the story it tells to the dark vignette around the images, there are a few things that make this series intriguing. I really enjoy the story it’s telling with the coffee addiction, it’s a new way of illustrating how addicting it can be. At first I only noticed the second two images and I didn’t grasp the coffee theme but once looking closer, it became apparent. I would say the point of view for these images are strong and the contrast of dark background with light skin is helpful to the message. Overall, great images

  6. This was a wonderful idea. The metaphor really stood out and was very clear on what you wanted it to be. It is a very simple group of pictures but they are very powerful and strong. I like how you have it dark around the main objects, it makes for a very intense feeling.

  7. The second photograph in this blog grasped my attention because of the little drop that’s falling from the needle. The shadow is what makes the drop stand out the most because it puts you in a mind set of, “Is it going to drop and touch the table?” or “Is it just going to float there?” Love the focus of the needle and drop in that photograph.

  8. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh at these or if they were meant to provoke a darker feeling. America’s reliance on and reverence for coffee is certainly a relatable topic to comment on. I’m not sure how I feel about the black vignette. If you were trying to give the images a more sinister connotation, then the black certainly did that. I enjoyed looking at these and interpreting them.

  9. What I like best about these photos is how they tell a story as if people are very dependent on caffeine/coffee. The second photo stuck out the most to me because of the drop of coffee falling from the needle. I like the use of lighting as well but what would make me appreciate these photos even more would be if they were focused a little more and not as blurred out.

  10. The first two images have a lot of negative space and surround the objects very tightly. I would hold back on the vignette and focus more on the details of photos. The metaphor is clearly communicated.

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