6 thoughts on “Catherine O’Brien”

  1. I find the subjects in the still life to be quite interesting. Upon first glance I get this goth, medieval mood relayed to me only because of the old books, skulls and the dark backdrop. However as much as I enjoy the still life, I feel as if the lighting could be worked better to get that dramatic effect. Relating school studies, to death, alcohol and pills certainly calls for some harsher, more dramatic lighting.

  2. I’m definitely intrigued by this image conceptually; the staging of the objects makes it clear that each have a particular meaning in relation to each other. Everything is placed nicely within the frame. I would say that for me the way in which the light is hitting the wine bottle and mirror is slightly distracting.

  3. I think this image really tells a story about someone. I can see their personality through these objects and I think that is really powerful. I really like the lighting.

  4. At first glance of this photo, I thought that it was just some random thing put together but then once I stared to look at it, I realized this photo is a lot more than what is just in front of our eyes. This photo tells a story about someone who had alcohol, drugs, and books play into their life and it may be reason they died. If this photo was to be redone, I believe the lighting should be done darker.

  5. I love the objects you used for this still live. They certainly speak to the self destructive human condition. My main critique is that i just wanna see a little bit more on the left side. The cut off mirror is throwing off the composition for me. Other than that, great execution!

  6. I like this picture because it reminds me of maybe an old medical doctors desk in a time where there were few medicines and lots of simple cures. The angle of the objects in the picture strengthen the picture even more, I love how off kilter the top book is.

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