2 thoughts on “David S. Shoemaker”

  1. Very interesting video. I like how relateable it is. I’m sitting in traffic right now wishing I could be free in nature. Your choice of using the natural sounds in your video brings a lot of emphasis between the two settings and it works perfectly.

  2. My favorite parts where toward the end where the subject keeps touching and feeling things. To me it is as if to say that his imagination is so vivid that he can recall the feel, smells and sounds of being in nature. I thought the use of the telephoto lens and the sharp focus on what it was he was exp iriancing really made that meaning work and more explicit. However, one thing I would change is the dip to black from the scene in the car to the scene in nature. It makes it seem like there is a passage of time and he is in nature later on instead of the subject becoming introspective and imagining that environment. Still I enjoyed this a lot

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