photography, St. Norbert College

Diedre Brennan

Diedre Brennan
ART 280 // Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Print, original: 11 x 8.253”

Statement: The assignment was to create an everyday still life that either told a story about who you are and your interests and your overlooked everyday habits, or show how specific objects function in our daily lives. I was having a hard time coming up with an idea for the photograph, and then one night I was studying and saw how everything reflected opposite in the cup of water I had sitting on my desk. I decided that I wanted to capture this phenomenon so I went to the dollar store and bought some vases and a red poster board and photographed them. It was all about getting the camera in the perfect spot to capture this photograph.

12 thoughts on “Diedre Brennan”

  1. Great job capturing this phenomenon; the simple red and white background makes it very clear. Related to the project of portraying everyday objects, I thought it was interesting that you removed your subject from an everyday environment.

  2. I love your take on this assignment. from reading the description, I can see that you turned the “writers block” against itself and found your natural habit of being intrigued by weird phenomena in the world. A photo like this can accurately depict how someones brain works, I can relate because I am also fascinated by random things like this too and I’ve never fleshed out an idea like this all the way through to a photograph

  3. This is a fascinating photo. I love how you were able to capture this, as I’m sure the positioning had to be precise. The subject matter is so simple, yet still represents how we overlook the most simple, yet fascinating things on a regular basis.

  4. I love the contrast of the white and red background and the phenomenon of it reflecting the opposite color through the vase. The two vases on the sides also give the photo great symmetry.

  5. I love how you really have to thing about how you wanted the paper to look like in the glasses, especially how the middle glass makes you thing a little on how you get the paper to be on opposite sides. Like the picture.

  6. I like this photograph simply because it portrays the brains functions according to right and left brain work. The equality of this picture shows how oppositions create balance.

  7. I really like this photo, it is very eye catching. The the symmetry of this photo is very appealing to look at and the asymmetry in the middle really makes your mind think about how that even happens.

  8. This picture really caught my eye when looking through the blog. The colors go very well together. The vases look like “glass half empty glass half full.” I love how it is portrayed with the red and white background against the vases. The way the clear is on the red and the red is on the white looks great with the symmetry.

  9. Really cool! I’m glad you didn’t overcomplicate the composition and just kept it simple. Have you ever considered commercial photography? This looks like it could be an add for water carafes.

  10. I love this picture. You turned something so very simple into something beautiful. You probably had to get everything perfect for this to turn out so amazing. The two colors together made this very strong. Its such a clean cut picture!

  11. The photo has a perfect symmetry. You have captured the phenomena really well. I also enjoy your choice of color. The red really pops out and brings out attention to your image. I hope you continue with the project and explore other media.

  12. The symmetry in this image is amazing. I love the colors you picked and the lighting of the image is great. The lighting of the image really makes the image pop.

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