2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Moore”

  1. Great video! The last shot with the cat wraps it up perfectly. Every shot is beautiful but my only reccomendation is using a tripod for the ones the pan because they’d be more smooth. Other ones where the camera doesn’t pan but still shakes a bit don’t seem to be too distracting.

  2. I find this video to evoke serenity. It reminds me of why i myself love hiking. The thing I loved most was the cat at the end. I feel that it wasn’t planned but just happened and was captured but it makes the whole video seem more playful. I would suggest possible color correction to make the colors brighter and more vibrant though. I felt that the tone of it seemed a bit cold and that didn’t seem to be what you were going for. a little bit of color saturation might have made everything seem a bit warmer and sunnier. Great Video.

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